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Our initial marketing assessment uncovers ways to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI). Put simply, we evaluate your current marketing efforts and show you how you can get more traffic and leads with those resources.

We also believe that all marketing should have a measurable result. To ensure meaningful outcomes, we assess online and offline initiatives and focus on the following:

Are you operating with a plan? Let’s identify your target market and refine or define a plan that facilitates new client acquisition.

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Is your brand easily identified? We can ensure integration of all marketing communication tools, and make sure that your branded message resonates with prospects across all selected media.

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Do clients and prospects connect with you socially? Our Social Go! solution expands your sphere of influence and generates a buzz about your company.

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Are you hugging your clients? It’s far less expensive and easier to keep an existing client happy than it is to get a new one. Touch•Point makes it easy to reach out to your customers and show your appreciation.

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Sharich Studios helps companies grow with strategic direction, compelling creative, and technology optimization. We create solutions and promote them to the people that matter...

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